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Why Become a 

Modern Manager?

There's lots of talk about leadership, but let's be real. Managers are the true heroes of the workplace. We have an outsized role in our team members' experience. (More than 50% of people who leave their job cite a poor manager as a primary reason!) It's up to us to create an environment where people thrive and great work gets done. And that's no easy feat. But with a little guidance and investment in yourself, you can unleash your potential as a manager and make work a place you and your team love.


Episodes features a wide range of topics to help you create a culture where people get to be their best selves and do their best work.


Member perks include various resources and supports to help you implement what you're learning and grow as a manager.


Dive deep into skill development with courses that are designed to help you make real progress while fitting into your busy schedule.


Get all these member benefits!

  • Private Slack Community of like-minded managers
  • Extended Episodes so you get more from each guest
  • Episode Archive to help you find exactly what you're looking for
  • Special Member Benefits from Mamie, including discounts and early access to new content
  • Episode Sketchnotes with key takeaways for easy future reference
  • Guest Bonuses, including giveaways, special events, and discounts on guest products and services




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About Mamie Kanfer Stewart

Executive coach, podcast host, trainer, author... I'm all about making work the place where we get to be our best selves and do our best work. And that goes for our team members, too. This starts with us, the managers, investing in our capabilities to manage our people, in all their brilliance and complexity. My goal is to enable you to just that by sharing actionable insights that you can adopt immediately.

What Listeners and Members say

The information presented here isn't the same thing you hear everywhere else.


"Mamie brings listeners a fresh perspective on being an awesome manager. I listen to a lot of podcasts and read a lot of articles, but the information presented here isn't the same thing you hear everywhere else. It's not rocket science, but she uses a smart approach and addresses every aspect of management with an understanding that there are no shortcuts. If you're a manager looking to step up your game, this podcast is a must listen. You'll get actionable takeaway information from every episode."

It’s practical, simple, and easy to implement.

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE your [membership] content. I read many books, but the way you make things very simple, it’s so easy to use. It’s practical, simple, and easy to implement. I’m very grateful I found your website."

John P

Really insightful as I work with teams across cultures.

"I had a great group coaching call with Mamie this week where we discussed the book The Culture Map. Really insightful for me as I work with teams across cultures, to help me better learn what values certain behaviors are indicative of. Really grateful for this chat!"


Very helpful for new and experienced leaders alike.


This is one of the best podcasts I've followed. Finally, not only does Mamie and her guest give great tips that will grow great managerial skills, but also HOW to achieve them! Very helpful for new and experienced leaders alike. Keep them coming!

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